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Maldon's Scripture Guide: A Practice Manual is a brand new book written 

by Maldon Language Interpreters LLC's founder/CEO, Shawn Maldon.

Click on the image of the book on the left and delve in. 


You have come to the absolute best place to find quality American Sign Language interpreters and Spanish interpreters on this side of town! Maldon Language Interpreters, LLC (MLI) has been providing on-site interpreting at law offices, doctors’ offices, schools, government agencies, courts, and conferences for several years. Join hands with us and let’s make your event, workplace, office, or occasion accessible. CONTACT US for more information.

To schedule services or for more information:

301-736-3333 (Voice)

202-486-4237 (Text)


  On-Site Interpreters

Do you have an EMERGENCY need for an interpreter?
If so, fill Emergency Interpreting Request form out and fax (301-736-3333) or email it (info@maldoninterpreting.com). After you’ve sent in the pertinent information, feel free to call and verify receipt.


Under the auspices of Maldon Language Interpreters Institute or MLII, we are pleased to offer a full suite of educational opportunities:

American Sign Language Classes
learn the language from native ASL users

Spanish Classes
tutoring for school coursework and private lessons

Interpreting Classes
customizable workshops, trainings and personal development opportunities


MLII - Maldon Language Interpreting Institute offers an intensive 40 hour mentoring program for recent ITP graduates, current students, and even practicing professionals.

Learn more by sending an email to info@maldoninterpreting.com

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